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For over a decade I have been efficiently and effectively assisting my clients with banking solutions around the world.


All the banks I have chosen to work with meet my high and exacting standards on confidentiality, have an excellent reputation, offer a wide range of financial products, and equally importantly, operate in countries with political and economic stability and offer financial guarantees to avoid the risk of bankruptcy. 


My bank accounts:-

  • have extensive experience with:

    • Private Banks

    • Corporate Banks

  • account opening in all the main offshore jurisdictions

  • works with the world’s leading top tier banks

  • provides maximum confidentiality

  • has a customer focused approach.



I regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business purposes in the market place and recommend those which I believe to be best suited to meet your identified needs.


What Banking facilities are available?

  • Multi-currency accounts;

  • E-banking;

  • Trading in shares, bonds and other titles;

  • Interest bearing accounts;

  • Credit card and debit card;

  • Letter of Credit;

  • Individual Personal Client Support;

  • Savings Account;

  • Term Deposits;

  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading;

  • International Payments;

  • Secured Loans and Mortgage.


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