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Are you tired of seeing your hard-earned investment income and more importantly your business profits being taken by politicians that don’t value your sweet, stress and tears in getting to where you are today?

Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks use offshore companies to save a lot of money and grow their business how they want to……..on their own terms. You don’t have to have billions or even thousands to apply the same principles for yourself.

Googling “offshore company”, like many aspects of going offshore will not return the information you’re looking for as each type of business has specific needs that are served by specific solutions. Many of the service providers you’ll find do not have the expertise to fulfil your needs.

If you believe that an offshore company is all about hiding money and evading taxes, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are 100% legal, legitimate strategies that international business owners and investors can use to reduce costs and grow their business, just ask Apple, Google and many more very successful companies.

A country that taxes a large part of your company’s earnings just for being there isn’t a country that respects your accomplishments. “Go where you’re treated best”.

How does starting an offshore business really work?

Summary on some of the Jurisdictions.


Offshore Solutions

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