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Leavea Forensic Audit



  1. Location of the Land: 

​2. Layout of the land:

3. Leavea Directors originally started paying Edbeth. At this point of time, I can only find an unsigned copy of the lease agreement. 

4. Edbeth Company Register

5. Edbeth Invoiced Leavea on a monthly bases: 

6. Interestering reading on an email trail: there was no signed agreement, but we were paying every month? 

7. In April 2022, when Dr Jaco Van Zyl to become more involved, one of the first issues he pointed out was Edbeth, as it seemed a Govt official was involved. He instructed this be changed. It was at this point that they (the land owners) brought Goldstone to the table and asked for the lease agreement to be resigned under Goldstone:

8.  This agreement was between Greendrop and Goldstone - backdated to 1 August 2021 and signed by Mosito Tseunyane as Managing Director, when according to our records there was only one Director and Shareholder, been the same person Liteboho Leteba             AND  Mr Pieter De Villiers , signed as CEO of Greendrop. 

8a. Company Papers for Goldstone 

8b. Goldstone did not exist in 2021. Incorporated on 13 April 2022. This alone shows total incomitance of the self appointed CEO of Greendrop, Mr Pieter De Villiers. 

8c. Tseunyane was not the Managing Director. As you see on the registery: he was FRAUDENTLY  appointed on the 21 Nov 2023

9. Miss Liteboho Leteba is still the rightfull owner and Director of Goldstone. She was fraudelantly removed:

Leteba video 1
Leteba video 2
Leteba video 3
Leteba video 4
Makhethe Nkuebe

10.Complete FRAUD, Liteboho Leteba, been removed: 

Dr Jaco Van Zyl 13 Nov 2023
This video discusses how Bokang has a history of signing people off companies and bank accounts using their signatures fraudulently

11. Leavea was served a termination letter in October 2023:

11a. The Letter is riddled with misrepresentation of facts and information. Signed by someone that was not part of the company, as per the company register at that point of time, but subsequenlty fraudelantly appointed when challenged. 

12. Mosito Tseunyane: Sinature seems to differ on various documents he signs:


It was clear that LETEBA was coerced into this whole web of an evil underworld of people operating day to day with clear intentions of only enriching themselves through fraud, money embezzlement and money laundering. Catching Investors like us who come in, with only good intentions, and excitement to invest into a country that desperately needs investment. It is clear with video 4 above that Bokang asking her to sign in a certain way so they could manipulate documents going foward is preconceived fraud. In Makhethe's video, she talks about how they set up all these companies to prey on the unexpecting trusting Investor.  They have the ammo to screw every single business transaction before even going out to the poor unsuspecting investor - setting it all up to fail the minute they feel their control is wavering. Which on all accounts is fine, they have made their money, and they can then take the company to the next investor, make more money and screwing them as well. This is an ongoing racket, and, unless stopped at the core, will carry on and on, absolutely sinking Lesotho -  a beautiful nation of 2 million people. 2 million people’s lives are being ruined right now because of a bandit of a few, blood thirsty individuals. Lives have been lost - I know of one suicide; I am sure there are more. They all have blood on their hands. This is organised crime at the highest level. As Director of Leavea, I am obliged to tell the facts as I find them. It is my fiduciary duty.  I have had private sittings with the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Energy, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, the Chief, the Head of the DCEO and finally the Prime Minister, all this been done with my attorney at my side. They all have been informed first hand to the factual information, open to all to investigate. I sincerely hope something is done before the end of 2023, so we can all go into 2024 with a clear vision ahead of making proper progress to create opportunities Lesotho deserves.   

Company Register

Liteboho Leteba
Lieketseng Tsoeunyane
Bokang Mohafa
Mosito Tsoeunyane
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