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Property Saving Plan

Holborn Property is part of Holborn Assets, and was formed 
to help clients navigate the property investment arena by leveraging the group’s extensive network of key contacts in 
the property sector. Currently operating in 20 countries with over 300 employees, Holborn Assets started out as a family 
run IFA business. Recognising changing investor needs and requirements for property as part of their investment portfolio, the Holborn Property division was formed - upholding Holborn’s values and reputation at the core of its mission statement.
Complete Property Solution (CPS) has been created by Holborn Property to allow clients to navigate the property marketplace. CPS is a one-stop solution for clients, incorporating all pertinent legal requirements, mortgage advice, tax, foreign currency exchange, lettings and property management, with the  ultimate goal of helping in the sale of properties.

Creating wealth for clients by providing investment  opportunities unique to the property market. Prosperity build prime UK property at discounted prices and deliver this opportunity to a global  investor audience via a range of specially devised payment plans.
Prosperity manage the whole process from reservation through to rental management providing an easy, affordable way to build your own property portfolio. Due to a unique purchasing model, Prosperity welcome a far wider investor audience – one which buys in to the belief that the tangible, bricks and mortar asset should form part of every investor’s spread of investments.

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