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  • If applied effectively it will be rewarding.

  • It is all about good timing.

  • Strategy is to identify overreactions in the market.

  • Need not worry about waiting for the market to become cheaper.

  • To beat the market one will need a very good microscope.

  • This microscope helps buy shares with the intention of quick returns.



  • When looking at the markets P/E ration ( indicates hw much investors are willing to pay for market exposure) over the last 24 years, it would seem as though we are currently trading at levels that were accepted as fully prices ( expensive ) in the past.

  • The consensus growth rate expected by the market is -.051%. This allows the P/E ratio to trade around 18.5 times is the market remains current. If we compare this to Telescope idealism  where it is 14.8 times, the market is currently expensive.

  • The interest rates world wide are sitting extremely low and are continuing to surprise on the positive side. Something to watch out for.

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