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Yellow Tulip
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Portuguese Golden Visa

What must be the very best Residency by Investment Programme , offering a passport after 5 to 6 years is CLOSING DOWN. Time and stock is limited. This is the last remaining EU Citizenship Programe that offers a passport without you having to stay in the country. 

  • Live in any of the 27 EU countries

  • Retire in any of the 27 EU countries

  • Work in any of the 27 EU countries

  • Study in any of the 27 EU countries

  • Open a Business in any of the 27 EU countries

  • Visa-Free travel to 187 countries

  • 4th Best passport in the world

  • The Passport is eligible to:

    • Spouse or legal partner

    • Minor children under 18 years old

    • Parents of either spouse

    • Siblings under the age of 18 and the applicant or their spouse are their legal guardians as determined by the courts

    • Children over 18 years old who are single, enrolled as full-time students and can demonstrate that they are financially     dependent on their parents

This is an IRREVOCABLE Citizenship which is passed down for generations - Investing is this passport is closing at any minute. 

Make an appointment today, SOLD 9: IN LAST 7 DAYS, tomorrow could be to late for this now once in a life-time opportunity.


"we only have 3 more available apartments for this hotel on the Golden Visa Programme"


"a clean canvas to a lifestyle of opportunities"

Last Available Stock


  • Apt 2: € 290 000

  • Apt 27:   € 285 000


The Yellow Tulip Hotel

The Yellow Tulip is an excellent option for an All Inclusive sunny holiday offering a relaxed atmosphere with nothing to worry about. Perfect for families, with activities and playgrounds for the kids and live entertainment, bars and spa for the adults.

The Hotel is located between the village of Alvor and the Ria de Alvor nature reserve. It’s 24,000 sqm and the existing amenities ensure quality and comfort for all. 

Key Points

  • Rehabilitation 280,000EUR Category

  • Prime Location – Alvor (Algarve)

  • Full Title Deed – Apartment Hotel

  • 1 Unit (50sqm) contains 2x Studios (25sqm)

  • Prices = EUR 280,000-295,000

  • 4 of 6 years Rental, of which 3 Years rental paid upfront = 20,000EUR Net

  • Optional Buyback Guarantee in Year 6


5. %

        Net Yield

€ 270 000

        Starting Price

Q2 2025

        Completion Date

Fast facts

A resort set within a fantastic golf course with sea views.

Yellow Tulip Financials

  • Years 1- 2 = Refurbishment works = No Rent

  • 3 Years (3, 4 & 5) Rental Equivalent = 20,000EUR --> Paid

  • Upfront at Deeds to Cover: Stamp Duty + IMT + Notary Fees = Equivalent to 3.3% Gross Rental per year

  • Rental from Years 6 -10 = 50/50 Shared Pool = Expected 4% to 5% return per annum

  • Buyback Guarantee Year 6 (Optional for Investor)

  • Investor can stay 2 weeks per year for free (Off Peak), 1 week per year Peak Season at 50% of listed price

Onboarding Forms

Client Agreement

Buy Back Agreement

Promissory Contract

Reservation Form

Tourist Managment Agreement

Construction Agreement


Single Applicant

Family of 2

Family of 3

Family of 4

Family of 5

Family of 6

Last Available Stock


  • Apt 2: € 290 000

  • Apt 27:   € 285 000


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