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The setup of a company in Marshall Islands the fee is:

  • EUR 1 300 

The annual maintenance fee is:

  • EUR 1 100


The annual maintenance fee includes the following services:


  • Provision of registered office and registered address

  • Provision of company Secretary and registered agent

  • Payment Government Fees



Here-in-below you may find brief information for further reference:



After receipt of name approval, companies can be incorporated using standard Articles of Incorporation. With standard Articles, the request to incorporate should contain the following information: corporate name, number of authorized shares, whether shares have par or no par value (if par value, amount per share), whether the shares are to be in bearer and/or registered form.


A minimum of one shareholder is required which may be an individual or a corporate body. The details of company beneficial owners and shareholders are not part of the public records.


There is no specific minimum capital requirement. The standard authorized share capital is 500 shares without par value or a capital with a stated par value up to US$ 50,000. The authorized share capital may be expressed in any currency. The minimum issued share capital is either one share of no par value or one share of par value.


A Marshall Island Corporation requires a minimum of one director, who can be a physical person or a corporate body. Details of company directors do not appear on the public file. There is no requirement to have resident directors.


Whilst there is no requirement to file audited financial statements with local authorities, a Marshall Islands company is required to keep accounting records to reflect its financial position.


Please note that the above mentioned fees excluding courier charges. The courier charges starts from EUR 150

With regards to bank account opening, kindly note that we can offer various options and jurisdictions. Please advise if you have any preference of jurisdiction where you would like the bank account to be opened.

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