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Company: Kensington Fund Partners
Minimum Investment 1,000 GBP
Liquidity Daily
Annual Management Fee 1.5%
Highwater Mark No
Total Fund Size (Million) GBP 56.6
Domicile Ireland
Management Company MDO Management Company S.A
Investment Manager(s) Tilney Smith & Williamson


The sub-fund invests directly or indirectly in equities, fixed income securities, property and commodities, money market instruments and equity-related securities.
Up to 80% of its assets may be directly invested in equities and equity-related securities and up to 80% may be indirectly invested via UCITS and/or open-ended AIFs for exposure to commodities such as oil, gas, gold and precious metals.
The sub-fund may also gain indirect exposure to property through investment in the securities of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The sub-fund may hold cash.



US equities reached new highs again in August. Market worries over the outcome of the Federal Reserve’s annual Jackson Hole symposium were ultimately allayed by Chair Jerome Powell.

UK equities rose over August. Small and mid-cap (SMID) equities performed very well as they continued to be a sweet spot for M&A activity. 


European equities gained in August, supported by a positive Q2 earnings season and ongoing economic recovery from the pandemic.

Asia ex Japan equities recorded a positive return in August as rising vaccination levels and declining infection rates helped many markets in the region recover from a Covid-19 sell-off.

The S&P GSCI Index recorded a negative return in August, driven by a sharp decline in the energy component of the index as a spike in the Delta variant of Covid-19 in many parts of the world threatens to slow the recovery in demand for oil.


The sub-fund is suitable for retail and institutional investors seeking a medium to long term investment with a medium to high tolerance for volatility.


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